Dr. Angelo Tsirbas is a world-renowned Oculoplastic Surgeon and Blepharoplasty expert, providing cosmetic eyelid surgery. Please contact his clinic to make an appointment 1300 378 747.Offering a bespoke approach, he is a meticulous and gifted problem solver, and truly values the authentic happiness of every patient he treats.

Dr. Tsirbas worked for many years as faculty of the Orbital and Oculofacial surgical department at the Jules Stein Eye Institute in Los Angeles. Here, he specialised in complex orbital and oculoplastic reconstruction as well as advanced techniques in minimally invasive facial rejuvenation. Dr Tsirbas also had a busy aesthetic practice based in Beverly Hills.

With over 16 years’ experience in cosmetic and functional surgery, Dr. Tsirbas remains a pioneer and world expert in his field. He firmly believes that it is the responsibility of all surgeons to keep abreast of the continually changing and improving field of surgery for their patients’ benefit. Each year, he dedicates a large amount of his time working and operating with his colleagues in Europe and the USA .He is involved in research and collaborations with top international surgeons. In doing so, he is able to pass on his knowledge and expertise, as well as study complex cases and view new and emerging technologies to continually improve his practice and patient care.

As a expert in Blepharoplasty, Dr. Tsirbas offers a bespoke approach to each patient. He is an empathetic, meticulous and gifted problem solver, and values the authentic happiness of his patients. He concentrates on the benefit of long term results versus short term gratification. Through his expertise and consistent craftsmanship, regardless of the complex tasks at hand, he instills confidence and achieves unparalleled results.