We provide a range of vaccinations at our surgery for Adults and Children.
Adult Vaccinations

Immunisation recommendations depend on a number of individual factors. These factors may relate to:

  • Underlying medical risk factors such as diseases of the heart, lung, kidneys and diabetes
  •  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
  • Pregnancy
  • Being born overseas
  • Age, for example turning 50 years of age or 65 years of age
  • Lifestyle factors such as travelling participating in contact sport sexual preference drug use
  • Workplace factors such as working closely with infants and children health care workers sewerage workers emergency service workers
  • Community volunteers depending on the environment in which the volunteer works and the activities involved.

Please discuss your vaccine needs with your doctor. If you previously started a vaccine course which you did not finish, you can have the missing dose or doses and you do not need to start the vaccine course again regardless of the time elapsed. Some medical risk factors may mean that a person needs to be immunised differently or immunisations are withheld for a period of time or even repeated following some medical treatment.

Other diseases not listed may also need to be considered in some cases such as for travel. Travel vaccine advice should be obtained from your doctor. Combination vaccines protecting against two or three different diseases are often used. Having immunity to one disease in a combination vaccine does not mean you cannot be given the vaccine. It is not harmful to be vaccinated and may boost protection for that disease.