Dr. Madhuri Velegala is our inhouse Dietitian and Diabetes Educator. Madhuri holds a Doctural degree in Food and Nutritional Sciences.




Dr. Madhuri Reddy Velagala (Madhu)
B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D., DAA,. ADEA.


Madhu , thoroughly enjoys being a part of DMAHG team and has been with us since June 2017. Madhuri offers individual consultations as allied health with dual qualifications: Dietitian, Diabetes Educator and is an Accredited Healthcare Professional and Medical Nutrition Therapy for Bariatric Pre and Post Surgery. For more than a decade Madhuri has worked very closely with not only with GPs, but also Specialists (Endocrinologists, Gastroenterologist, Cardiologist and Obstetrician etc.) Madhuri holds a Doctoral Degree in Food and Nutritional Sciences (2006) from Indian University and has completed further courses from: UTS, Sydney in Management of Diabetes (2012); SDA, Canberra Sports Nutrition Course (2013); Nestle Sydney Optifast Accreditation Program (2015) and Medtronic’s online learning assessed Insulin Pump (2016) and recent achievement of weight management specialization as an Optifast VLCD Accredited.

As an Accredited Practising Dietitian  Madhuri promotes Medical Nutrition Therapy  which can assist all people who wish to achieve optimum health status relating to bowel concerns, diabetes, heart disease, weight management (Non-surgical/Surgical/ Injectable like Sexanda) and food allergies, as well as general lifestyle and healthy eating advice.

As Credentialled Diabetes Educator can support management of people diagnosed with Insulin resistance, Elevated fasting BGL’s, Impaired GTT, Prediabetes, Type 2 DM, Type 1 DM, GDM and Pancreatic insufficiency.

When not working you can find Madhuri experimenting with vegetarian foods and also playing basketball.