Coordinated Care Clinic

The Coordinated clinic is for patients with any chronic or ongoing health conditions to receive regular and ongoing care to monitor their health, and prevent or minimise complications from developing. Each time you present at the clinic, you will be seen by the practice nurse and your regular GP. Your initial consultation will take about 45 minutes, and then usually each visit lasts about 30 minutes. All visits through the CC clinic are bulk billed to Medicare.

The philosophy behind our clinic is to deliver improved and more comprehensive health care to you. Through this process we endeavour to reduce your waiting times, and free up some appointments to make your GP more available for acute issues. You will be generally asked to return for a review every 3-6 months depending on your needs.

As part of the CC clinic we often put in place a management plan to work towards achieving your health goals. There are two kinds of management plans for patients with a chronic condition:

  • A GP Management Plan
  • A Team Care Arrangement

GP Management Plans are for any patient with a chronic condition. This is defined as a condition likely to last, or having lasted, longer than 6 months. A GP Management Plan involves you, your GP and the practice nurse who with your consent and assistance, form a written plan of management outlining your care. Your medical, physical, psychological and social needs are all considered during the development of the plan.

Together you will decide:

  • What your health care problems and needs are
  • What results you would like to achieve through the Plan
  • What, if any, other health care and community services you need

GP Management Plans can be prepared every two years, and are reviewed each time you return to the CDM clinic.

A Team Care Arrangement is a plan that involves other health care providers or allied health workers. This may be done in addition to a GP Management Plan. In much the same way as a GP Management Plan, a Team Care Arrangement works to improve your health by identifying and targeting long-term health issues.

If you are eligible for a TCA, you should be eligible for some subsidised visits to Allied Health Professionals that would be beneficial to your overall health and wellbeing.

This may include a physiotherapist, chiropractor, medical specialist, community nurse, home help service, occupational therapist, dietician, exercise physiologist, diabetes and asthma educators, pharmacists, etc.